King or queen Narbo


This auction is Open until February 28, 2019!
To place a silent bid email it to:
degrassitour [at] gmail [dot] com

Silent Auction

In honour of the Narbo, Degrassi Tour has created a wonderful Silent Auction that will hopefully give one fan the experience of a lifetime.

The King or Queen Narbo will reap all the rewards worthy of royalty. 
Including but not limited too: 

  • Weekend badge for the DegrassiPalooza event 

  • Wardrobe worthy of King Narbo (a cap, royal septar, crown) 

  • A squire to make sure you’ll be taken care of all weekend and brought through out the Degrassi Kingdom comfortably and with ease. 

  • Front of the line access to all autograph sessions. 

  • Greenroom access for a brief Meet and Greet with the cast. (selfies) 

  • A one of a kind personalized royal autograph photo book that each cast member will sign.(20 autographs of cast and 4 from crew) 

  • A royal hand made throne for King Narbo to sit on during each panel and event 

  • Whenever someone passes you in the halls -cast included, everyone must say “Hail, King Narbo!”

  • On the main stage Saturday morning during the opening ceremony King Narbo will receive the crown and be part of a special ceremony honouring one of our own. 

  • King Narbo will be a judge for the Degrassi CosPlay contest. 

  • One Professional group photo op with the entire cast. You may have a friend be in the photo as long as they have a regular weekend badge and are attending the event. 

  • A fancy pants framed 8x10 photo 

  • A special one of a kind T-shirt that will say something to the effect. “I was the first King Narbo at DegrassiPalooza”

  • An amazing royal swag bag of goodies to enjoy 

King Narbo.jpg

What the hell is a Narbo?

If you really are a true fan of the Degrassi Universe you’ll know that back in the days of CBC we were not allowed to use profanity during our regular broadcast. “Unless you were Effing Tessa Campanelli”

So made up words by the cast and crew were used in place of vulgar language. Narbo and Broomhead were two of the favourite “go to” terms used.