Loaded Binder of Cast Signed Headshots

Loaded Binder of Cast Signed Headshots

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A binder with 18 individual Palooza cast signed photos and headshots.

You’ll also receive one group cast photo on the stairs at Degrassi Palooza. (Unsigned)

An original signed group cast photo from 2018 The Royal Reunion screening 16 cast signatures on one photo with a separate autograph description page.

The headshots signed by Joey, Snake,Kathleen,Michelle,Dwayne,Stephanie,Voula,Nancy,Raditch,Claude, Yick,Tessa,Erica,Heather,Caitlin,Spike,Kit Hood(creator),Yan(head writer), Kathryn(book writer)

A second group cast photo signed by Snake,Shane,Liz, and Judy(art director)

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