Rebecca Haines-Saah

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Kathleen Mead

In Rebecca’s own words:

“I played the character of Kathleen Mead on Degrassi Hunior High and Degrassi High. I grew up in Toronto and ‘fell into’ acting while I was pursing a career in classical ballet, but then decided not to pursue acting when I attended McGill as an undergraduate and fell in love with research, going on to earn my PhD in public health and addiction studies at the University of Toronto.

I am now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary where my research focuses on adolescent substance use and mental health. Not coincidentally, my approach to working with youth as a researcher is very much inspired by the Degrassi series’ focus on telling teens’ stories and centring youth perspectives.

I live in Calgary with my partner and two school-age sons. I have no hobbies or spare time, but you can find me frequently complaining on Twitter.”

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