Degrassi Tour
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Thank you so much to all of the guests, attendees, vendors, sponsors, and volunteers for making this a once in a lifetime event!


DegrassiPalooze was a fan-organized event that is not affiliated with the
production company or the rights holders


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Degrassi Tour is run by the original cast of Degrassi and promotes public appearances at comic conventions. We wanted a chance to meet as many fans, in as many cities as possible. To thank YOU for making the show what it's become.

Degrassi Tour encompasses:

Cast & Crew Appearances

We promote, and advocate for, Degrassi Cast & Crew appearances at conventions and events.


Theatre Screening Events

We create and promote Degrassi Theatre Screening Events in cities across Canada; screening “School’s Out” or the Degrassi Finale episode, followed by Q&A and potential VIP experiences for fans.

Degrassi Conventions

We create and promote unique Degrassi Conventions, and DegrassiPalooza was the very first!

No current conventions planned




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